Character Dialogue
C-merlin At such an uncanny time of the year, it's only natural for the Kingdom to go a little topsy-turvy!

Welcome a Haberdasher

Character Requirements Time Rewards
C-mad hatter-aiw Welcome the Mad Hatter. 2h Xp5, Template:Queen Coins50
Character Dialogue
C-mad hatter-aiw A VERY merry unbirthday... TOOOOOOOO--!
C-mad hatter-aiw ... Who?
C-mad hatter-aiw There's a 364 out of 365 chance it's MY unbirthday... but... Hahahahaaa! ... I forgot when I was.
C-mad hatter-aiw ... And where I am. And what I'm doing!
C-mad hatter-aiw Where am I?


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