Character Dialogue
C-timon-ttc You know... I don't know whether this mud puddle is therapeutic or what, but... You're right, Pumbaa!
C-timon-ttc We've got friends, haven't we? And THAT means we can take whatever those slobbery little morons can throw at us!
C-pumbaa-ttc Yeah! Hakuna Matata!
C-timon-ttc You said it, pal! Boy, when I think about what those hyenas must be up to right now... I almost feel bad for 'em!

Welcome a Hyena

Character Requirements Time Rewards
C-banzai-ttc Welcome Banzai. 4h T-refresh1, Xp1, Update-20-m-currency250
Character Dialogue
C-banzai-ttc Whoa... Will ya look at that?
C-banzai-ttc And no, I'm NOT talkin' about that meerkat dude who was givin' me the side-eye earlier... I'm talkin' about this whole place!
C-banzai-ttc It's WAY classier than the Elephant Graveyard -- and there's good eatin', too!


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