Character Dialogue
C-marlin-fn ... So the EAC spit me into this pool -- which was fine, until this wrecked boat fell on top of it. And then the tide went out...
C-marlin-fn Anyway -- I WOULD try to jump out of here, but I can't even see where the ocean IS, and... Crush, I have to get back to my son!
C-crush-fn You and me both, Jellyman... but rest easy: Your little dude is out here hangin' with me!
C-crush-fn But speakin' of little dudes: Any chance you saw Squirt paddling around this cove? 'Cause word is, THIS is where HE is, dude!

Welcome a Little Dude

Character Requirements Time Rewards
C-squirt-fn Welcome Squirt. 2h Xp5, Update-32-m-currency50
Character Dialogue
C-marlin-fn Squirt? Oh -- yes! Yes, he was just here! He was swimming around this tide pool, trying to see if there was any safe way out...
C-crush-fn WHOOO! That's my little DUDE, dude! All helpin' out a Jellyman in need, all by his lonesome? That is CLASSIC Squirt, dude!
C-crush-fn You hang tight in there, dude. I'm gonna circle up with him and Jellyman Junior and meditate on how to get you free!
C-marlin-fn Oh... All right! I mean... you are going to ACTUALLY get me out of here after you, uh... "meditate" on it, right? Right? ... Crush?
C-crush-fn Can't hear you, Jellyman! Too busy meditating!


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