Welcome a Musician is where the A Show to Remember Event 2019 begins....
Character Dialogue
C-merlin If there's anything that our experiences in the Kingdom have taught us, it's that music has an immense power...
C-merlin ...and not only to dispel Curses, but to bring friends and loved ones together -- against seemingly insurmountable odds!
C-merlin And something tells me our latest visitors have taken that message to heart already...

Welcome a Musician

Character Requirements Time Rewards
C-miguel rivera-coco Welcome Miguel Rivera. 6m Xp5, Update-34-m-currency50
Character Dialogue
C-miguel rivera-coco Uh... hello? Is this the right way to the stage...?
C-miguel rivera-coco Oh... I get it. I'm supposed to be playing outdoors while I walk around. That way, everyone can hear!
C-miguel rivera-coco I actually like it better that way. It's just like Papá Héctor when he was starting out!


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