Character Dialogue
C-merlin-main When venturing through the wilderness, it's always important to travel with a guide -- the more knowledgeable, the better!

Welcome a Panther

Character Requirements Time Rewards
C-bagheera-main Welcome Bagheera. 6h M-xp50, M-magic400
Character Dialogue
C-bagheera-main There you are, Mowgli! I've Been looking all over for you...
C-mowgli-main Bagheera! You... um... you weren't looking up on that cliff, were you?
C-bagheera-main No... because I'd PRESUMED you'd have had the good sense not to climb up one on your own. ... Inaccurately, I see.
C-bagheera-main Climbing trees is one thing. Trees are safe! But cliffs... cliffs are another matter entirely.


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