Character Dialogue
C-mowgli-main It's Baloo! I knew he'd find me! And I know he's gonna agree with me about finding Shere Khan, too!
C-mowgli-main Balooooo! Heeeey! Over here!!!

Welcome a Papa Bear

Character Requirements Time Rewards
C-baloo-main Welcome Baloo. 12h M-xp50, M-magic400
Character Dialogue
C-baloo-main Whoo, MAN! Sorry I'm late to the party, little britches -- got sidetracked by an anthill or three on the way h--
C-baloo-main ... Oh. It's just you, Bagheera. Where'd Mowgli get off to? Thought he was with you!
C-bagheera-main *sigh...* Mowgli is running away from Shere Khan, Baloo -- because I'VE brought him enough time to do it.
C-bagheera-main ... Which I wouldn't have had to tell you in the FIRST place, if you hadn't been distracted by every insect you came across!
C-baloo-main Hey, now, watch the tone there, Baggy! Can't a bear get hungry once in a while?


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