Character Dialogue
C-tramp-main Tony should be at the restaurant any minute now to get the coffee going and the bread in the oven...
C-tramp-main If he's got Lady's collar stashed away in his lost-and-found, I'll find out soon. See, we've got that kinda friendship.

Welcome a Restauranteur

Character Requirements Time Rewards
C-tony-main Welcome Tony. 12h Xp50, M-magic400
Character Dialogue
C-tony-main Ahh... Another sunshinin' day. Bellissimo! I can smell the focaccia already--
C-tramp-main Arf! Arf!!!
C-tony-main Well, hey, look who's back for seconds! What's the matta, Butch -- we don't feed you enough last night?
C-tramp-main Arf!
C-tony-main Aaaahh, I'm makin' a joke with you! If there's one pooch who's always welcome at Tony's, he's sittin' right where you are.
C-tony-main And if there's another pooch who's just as welcome, it's that ladyfriend of yours, eh?


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