Character Dialogue
C-merlin Good show! Now the celebration can go on as it should have. Why, I'm almost tempted to take to the dance floor myself!
C-merlin Still, for every bright and joyful light, a shadow must be cast...

Welcome a Shadow Man

Character Requirements Time Rewards
C-dr. facilier-tpatf Welcome Dr. Facilier. 2h M-xp5, Update-27-m-currency50
Character Dialogue
C-dr. facilier-tpatf Haha... Y'all didn't REALLY think I was down for the count, right? This is just another minor setback in a major operation...
C-dr. facilier-tpatf ... Provided I can figure out a new plan before my "friends" catch on to the fact that I'm still upright and kicking.
C-dr. facilier-tpatf And if they DO... *shudder* ... Hope I can sell 'em on the idea of a work-release program.


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