Character Dialogue
C-roo-wtp Piglet was a little lost when I found him... but I told him all about the bees, and to meet us here when he's ready!
C-roo-wtp That way, all of us can make up a new plan together!
C-rabbit-wtp Why... why, that's just exactly what I would have done, Roo! What a thoughtful thing to do!
C-rabbit-wtp Ahh... w-when exactly WILL he be ready, do you think?

Welcome a Small Animal

Character Requirements Time Rewards
C-piglet-wtp Welcome Piglet. 2h Xp5, Update-18-m-currency50
Character Dialogue
C-piglet-wtp ... Oh dear. Oh d-d-dearie, dear, dear.
C-piglet-wtp I was told... *gulp* ... I-I was told that there was something to do with bees...?
C-piglet-wtp ... Th-that's what I was afraid of.


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