Character Dialogue
C-cinderella-main Ever since I met the Prince, I try not to think very much about the life I left behind...
C-cinderella-main But sometimes, I suppose it thinks about me! I've just received an... interesting letter, saying I should expect a visit...
C-cinderella-main And from this handwriting, I'm almost sure I know who it's from.

Welcome a Stepsister

Character Requirements Time Rewards
C-drizella tremaine-main Welcome Drizella. 4h Xp10, M-magic100
Character Dialogue
C-drizella tremaine-main Did I beat her here? Did I?!
C-drizella tremaine-main I did?! HAH! I knew giving Anastasia bad directions was a good idea!
C-drizella tremaine-main I'm the oldest sister, after all -- so I should ALWAYS get my way first!


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