Character Dialogue
C-general hux-starwars *cough* ... *hack* ... ... Well, I hoe you're pleased with yourself, Supreme Leader...
C-general hux-starwars Our enemies have gone to ground, our hold on this region hangs by the MEREST thread, and YOU only skulk in your chambers!
C-general hux-starwars (Ahem--) Er... that is, Supreme Leader... perhaps with YOUR presence in the field, our forces could muster a counterattack...

Welcome a Supreme Leader

Character Requirements Time Rewards
C-kylo ren-starwars Welcome Kylo Ren. 12h Xp5, Update-36-m-currency50
Character Dialogue
C-general hux-starwars Well, it's about time... I was ABOUT to command the First Order's fleet to firebomb this entire sector, but--
C-kylo ren-starwars No. We go after the Resistance ourselves. Personally.
C-general hux-starwars What?! That... that's insanity! You can't POSSIBLY expect that to be successful--
C-general hux-starwars --Ghkkk-kk
C-kylo ren-starwars You were saying, General?
C-kylo ren-starwars You're a useful cur, Hux... but remember who holds your leash.


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