Character Dialogue
C-piglet-wtp W-w-well, I'm sure Pooh Bear will get himself out of there... ah... eventually. ... I hope.

Welcome a Tubby Cubby

Character Requirements Time Rewards
C-winnie the pooh-wtp Welcome Winnie the Pooh. 60m Xp5, Update-18-m-currency50
Character Dialogue
C-winnie the pooh-wtp Oh, stuff and fluff... Half of me was in that tree for so very long... I almost forgot what my other half looked like!
C-winnie the pooh-wtp Why... Piglet! Were you the one who saved me? That was a very brave thing to do!
C-piglet-wtp Aww... Well, thank you, Pooh, but it wasn't just me! Rabbit, and Kanga, and Roo, and everybody -- they all helped rescue you!
C-winnie the pooh-wtp Well, that's even braver! I suppose I have a good deal more thanking to do...
C-winnie the pooh-wtp A Pooh Bear always thanks his friends! Even when his tummy IS rather rumbly.


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