Character Dialogue
C-prince naveen-tpatf If the Shadow Man has been tracking bayou plants in and out of his shop... then maybe he is hiding out IN the bayou!
C-prince naveen-tpatf He could even be holding Tiana captive there... Which means... I must find Mama Odie at once. No one knows the bayou better!
C-prince naveen-tpatf Ah... nobody tell Eudora that I am going to look for a centuries-old swamp woman that I met when I was a frog, okay?
C-prince naveen-tpatf (Faldi faldonza, just saying that out loud makes me sound like a crazy person...)

Welcome a Voodoo Queen

Character Requirements Time Rewards
C-mama odie-tpatf Welcome Mama Odie. 2h M-xp5, Update-27-m-currency50
Character Dialogue
C-mama odie-tpatf Somebody call for a 198-year-old blind lady?
C-mama odie-tpatf No? Then what in the hey am I doin' here?! I got gumbo cookin'!
C-mama odie-tpatf When y'all figure out what you needed, you just tell me, child. I'll wait!


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