Character Dialogue
C-poe-starwars All right. We got our intel, and we got our troop numbers. Let's hash out the rest of the plan while we have the chance.
C-poe-starwars Our fleet just spotted Hux's personal shuttlecraft coming back in for a landing, and I'd bet he's not in a welcoming mood...

Welcome an Officer (2)

Character Requirements Time Rewards
C-general hux-starwars Welcome General Hux. 6h Xp5, Update-36-m-currency50
Character Dialogue
C-general hux-starwars To your posts, troopers! Weapons at the ready -- and prepare to mobilize!
C-general hux-starwars If the Resistance thought we would evacuate this region permanently, they are as foolish as they are cowardly...
C-general hux-starwars The First Order is implacable... and it does NOT surrender.


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