Character Dialogue
C-nani-las LILO! Angel saw her?! But that means...!
C-cobra bubbles-las Yes -- she can't have gone far. You and 624 establish a perimeter -- I'll take point on the search.
C-nani-las O-okay...?
C-nani-las (Ay... Sometimes I have almost as much trouble understanding HIM as I do with Angel and Stitch.)

Well-Oiled Machine

Character Requirements Time Rewards
Level 2
Send Angel to cover Lahui Beach. *
"Cover Lahui Beach"
4h Xp5, Update-19-m-currency50
Level 5
Send Nani to cover Lilo's House. **
"Cover Lilo's House"
C-cobra bubbles-las
Level 5
Send Bubbles to take point on the search.
"Take Point on the Search"

* Requires Lahui Beach
** Requires Lilo's House

Character Dialogue
C-nani-las At least the view's good from up in Lilo's room... even though I don't see her y--
C-angel-las Achi-baba!!! Saari! Aka tiki baba! SAARI!

(Friend!!! Girl! Over here! GIRL!)

C-nani-las Oh! Hi, Angel... But wait -- weren't you supposed to be over at the beach? What did you--?
C-angel-las LILO!!!
C-angel-las Lilo aka tiki baba!!!

(Lilo is over here!!!)


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