The Wendy Ears Token is used to Level Up Wendy Darling.

How to obtain

Character Activity + Time Rewards
C-captain hook
Level 1
Skulking Around 4h M-xp13, M-magic110
Level 4
A Branch to Nap On
* Baloo's Oasis
6h M-xp16, M-magic155
Level 4
Avoid Snakes
* Kaa's Jungle Gym
6h M-xp16, M-magic155
Other Source Time Rewards
C-enchanted chest-bronze-c Bronze Chest
* Special Chance
C-enchanted chest-resource-c Resource Chest Instant
Pf-peter pan Peter Pan Float 2h M-gem5, M-magic11,000
C-kingdom Davy Jones's Organ: Playing a Haunting Melody
* Enchantment Level 4
6h M-xp12, M-magic109
C-kingdom Lost Boys' Hideout: Who's Shovin'?
* Enchantment Level 3
24h M-xp48, M-magic213


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