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What's Mine Is Yours is where the Lady and the Tramp Storyline begins...
Character Dialogue
C-merlin-main Goodness! Things HAVE been rather more exciting than usual in the Kingdom, these days...
C-merlin-main What say we channel that energy into reclaiming one more piece of the Kingdom from the Curse, eh?

What's Mine Is Yours

Character Requirements Time Rewards
C-merlin-main Free Big Thunder Mountain Railroad from the Curse. 48h M-xp50, M-magic400
Clear Curse?


Character Dialogue
C-maleficent At this rate, my control over the Kingdom will be broken before long...
C-maleficent ...but I will not be defeated so easily. Once my plan is complete... everything I have lost will be returned to me!
C-merlin-main Hmm... the danger hasn't passed quite yet, I fear. We should be on our guard!


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