Character Dialogue
C-scuttle-tlm ARIEL! AAAAARIEL! Oh -- Sebastian. You ain't Ariel, that's for sure -- but you gotta hear this too! I was flyin', y'see, and--
C-sebastian-tlm Unless you know where to find the Sea King, Scuttle, I am not interested! I fear he has gone off to surrender to Ursula...
C-scuttle-tlm Surrender to... Oh, no. Well, THIS compilates things considerably! I got news for you, pal... and it ain't the feel-good kind.

What's the Scuttlebutt?

Character Requirements Time Rewards
Level 5
Send Sebastian & Scuttle to confer in the Grotto. *
"Confer in Ariel's Grotto"
4h M-xp5, Update-23-m-currency50
Level 4

* Requires Ariel's Grotto

Character Dialogue
C-sebastian-tlm ARIEL!!! Ohh, this is terrible... You must come with me and Scuttle at once -- it is about your father!
C-ariel-tlm My father...? What's wrong, Sebastian?
C-sebastian-tlm He's gone to give up his powers to the Sea Witch -- that's what is wrong!
C-sebastian-tlm And the worst part of it is... She cannot even turn you back into a human again! She was bluffing the whole time!
C-sebastian-tlm I have never been such a nervous wreck in all my life... but we must hurry!


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