Character Dialogue
C-beast-las I know what book I want... Now all I have to do is find it.
C-beast-las Which would be easy... if Cogsworth hadn't just reorganized our library.
C-beast-las He said he was "going to make the filing system more intuitive " ... But he was in there for more than a month.
C-beast-las I'm not sure I believe him...

Where's the Card Catalog?

Character Requirements Time Rewards
Level 1
Send Beast into his Castle to find the book. *
"Find the Book"
4h Xp45, Update-19-m-currency250

* Requires Beast's Castle

Character Dialogue
C-beast-las ... I couldn't find the book.
C-beast-las Well... first, I couldn't find the drama section... and then I couldn't find the "16th-Century Tragedies " sub-section...
C-beast-las And THEN I couldn't find the book.
C-beast-las Also... I'm a lot angrier now.


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