Character Dialogue
C-john darling When one arrives in a new place, it's always proper to search for pirates first.
C-john darling Otherwise, they might find you before you find them!
C-john darling Thankfully, they're rather easy to locate. The common buccaneer DOES have a certain aroma about them...

Where Arrrr You?

Character Requirements Time Rewards
C-john darling
Level 3
Send John to keep watch for pirates.
"Keep Watch for Pirates"
4h Xp30, M-magic250
Character Dialogue
C-john darling I say! I've never seen any pirates like THAT before... not in Never Land or anywhere else!
C-john darling I suppose THAT one must be aboard ship more often than not, judging by how he weaves about when he walks...
C-john darling Though I admit, he does seem to have good taste in navigational equipment! ... Compasses, I mean.
C-john darling I wonder what kind of treasure HE has buried?


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