Character Dialogue
C-the sultan ... I'd MEANT to send a carrier pigeon ahead, you see... but given how you feel about caged birds, I thought it might be poor form.
C-jasmine-ttc Oh, father... Don't worry about it at all! I'm just glad you're visiting.
C-the sultan Thank you, my dear -- and I didn't come alone, either! I've brought along a surprise for you...

Who's a Good Kitty?

Character Requirements Time Rewards
Level 1
Send Jasmine and Rajah to reunite! *
60m T-refresh1, Xp1, Update-20-m-currency1,000
Level 1

* Requires The Lotus Fountain

Character Dialogue
C-rajah-ttc Grrph!
C-jasmine-ttc It's wonderful to see you again, too, Rajah! I hope the way here wasn't TOO hard on you...
C-jasmine-ttc But with that cute little nose of yours... well, you may be able to help us track down where this latest curse is coming from!
C-rajah-ttc Grr-rrrrrr!
C-jasmine-ttc Haha! I'm glad you agree. Now, come on: Let's get started!


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