Character Dialogue
C-mamá imelda Ay... is it time to groom Pepita already? With all of the nonsense I have been mixed up in, I almost forgot...
C-mamá imelda Pepita is an "outdoor alebrije"... but no matter where she goes, she always comes back to our hacienda in the Land of the Dead.
C-mamá imelda And we make sure to take good care of her, too! Even if it sometimes takes the whole family to do it...

Who's a Good Kitty?! (2)

Character Requirements Time Rewards
C-mamá imelda
Level 4
Send Imelda to see Pepita in the Land of the Dead. *
"Care for Pepita"
4h M-xp5, Update-34-m-currency50

* Requires Land of the Dead

Character Dialogue
C-mamá imelda Whew! None of us on this side of the bridge may have muscles... but if we did, that would have put them through their paces.
C-mamá imelda Next time, I should be the one to go up on the scaffold with the tub of soapy water... Rosita got almost as wet as Pepita did!
C-mamá imelda Whether a housecat in life or an alebrije in death... Pepita has never been very fond of baths.


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