Character Dialogue
C-pocahontas-side I just saw Meeko scampering toward Grandmother Willow... I wonder what he's up to.
C-pocahontas-side Well, at least I know he won't get into any trouble there.

Wise Willow

Character Requirements Time Rewards
Level 3
Send Meeko to visit Grandmother Willow.[1]
"Visit Grandmother Willow"
4h M-xp5, M-magic50
  1. Requires Grandmother Willow
Character Dialogue
C-meeko-side ...
C-pocahontas-side Meeko! Is that a piece of Grandmother Willow's bark you're chewing on? And you're favoring your front left paw, too...
C-pocahontas-side Oh, let me guess: You had another "disagreement" with Flit, and Grandmother Willow said her bark would help you feel better.
C-meeko-side ...
C-pocahontas-side Well, I'm glad she could help. Maybe next time, you won't upset Flit. His beak IS very pointy!
C-meeko-side *squeak...*


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