Character Dialogue
C-tia dalma This body... I once lived in it for so long... but now, after I was freed and bound to it again... It... constricts me.
C-tia dalma Once you have been fifty feet tall, or an endless swarm of crabs... Truly, there is no going back.
C-tia dalma Well. If my powers are limited once again, then I must test those limits.

Witch of the Waters

Character Requirements Time Rewards
C-tia dalma
Level 5
Send Tia Dalma to test her powers.
"Test Her Powers"
8h M-xp30, M-magic250
Character Dialogue
C-tia dalma Hm. Disappointing...
C-tia dalma That whirlpool could barely drag ONE ship to the briny depths, let alone an entire fleet.
C-tia dalma Scuttling ships one at a time? It is nowhere near as satisfying.


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