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Character Dialogue
C-laurel You're early! Well, are you ready for our Battle Fitness session? Want to go right into wing excercises?
C-the manticore You know it! I'm not part bat for nothing... Hold the Curse Crusher for a minute and spot me. I'm gonna try some new stuff!

Work Those Wings!

Character Requirements Time Rewards
C-the manticore
Level 6
Send the Manticore & Laurel to exercise together.
"Excercise Together"
12h Xp5, Template:EC-ONWARD50
Level ?
Character Dialogue
C-the manticore WHOO! Did you see that? That must've been a personal speed record! I'm on FIRE today! And I mean that literally!
C-laurel You sure are! Hey, how about we do another set, but this time we'll combine it with some weight training?
C-the manticore Sure! Wait... You just want another excuse to ride on my back again, don't you?
C-laurel Haha -- guilty as charged!
C-the manticore Well, hop on! Let's go surprise a few more folks into dropping their popcorn.


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