Character Dialogue
C-king triton-tlm I must keep Ariel safe from Ursula... but I'll need to find out where the Sea Witch is before I can confront her.
C-king triton-tlm I don't think she would just stay in her lair... No, she's too crafty for that. Which could only mean...

World under the Waves

Character Requirements Time Rewards
C-kingdom-tlm Build Atlantica. 8h M-xp5, Update-23-m-currency50
Character Dialogue
C-king triton-tlm Of course. Ursula has always been jealous of my throne... even before I banished her.
C-king triton-tlm That's sure to be where she'll strike first!
C-king triton-tlm Not that she'll be successful at it. I'll see to that!


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