Character Dialogue
C-captain barbossa Much as I'm disinclined to like Miss Dalma... she havin' ordered me about more than somewhat, AND near wrecked me ship besides...
C-captain barbossa ... I will say ONE thing for her: She returned me to the land of the living. And I FAR prefer that to the alternative.
C-captain barbossa Especially when there's food, drink, and pleasurable company to be had. Lucky I know someplace where I can get all three...

Yo Ho!

Character Requirements Time Rewards
C-captain barbossa
Level 5
Send Barbossa to carouse at Tortuga Tavern. *
"Carouse at Tortuga Tavern"
12h M-xp30, M-magic250

* Requires Tortuga Tavern.

Character Dialogue
C-captain barbossa Ahh... Nothin' better than quaffing a refreshing beverage whilst sword-fighting with the first gent what looks at you funny.
C-captain barbossa Exceptin' if he stabs a hole in your mug on accident, of course. That's just a waste of a good drink.
C-captain barbossa On the other hand... ALL drink is wasted on the dead. So I'd best count me blessings.


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