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|Send [[Happy]] to make some music.<br /><small>''"Make Some Music"''</small>
|Send [[Happy]] to make some music.<br /><small>''"Make Some Music"''</small>
|{{XP}}5, {{Grimhilde Coins}}50
|{{XP}}5, {{EC-SW}}50

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Character Dialogue
C-happy Happy -- that's me. An' I'm usually pretty jolly, but I'm always especially happy when I'm makin' music!
C-happy I know all kinds of ways to do it, too: Dancin', yodelin', playin' the recorder... Why, Doc even lends me his lute sometimes!
C-happy Here -- I'll show ya!


Character Requirements Time Rewards
Level 1
Send Happy to make some music.
"Make Some Music"
4h Xp5, Template:EC-SW50
Character Dialogue
C-happy Hahahaaa! That was fun! Just a little tune me and the fellas cooked up one night after work. Hope ya liked it!
C-happy *Cooked up*... Say... that gives me an idea!
C-happy Haha! And it's a good one, too!


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