You're Toast! is a mini event where you clear the Bread-and-Butterflies.


You're Toast! #2

You're Toast! #2 started on 24th October 2019 and ended on 26th October 2019, lasting 2 days. This mini event was part of the A Show to Remember Event 2019, with Event Currency (Update-34-m-currency), Concession Chests and Legendary Chests as prizes.

Rank Rewards
1-100 Update-34-m-currency2,000, Concession Chests x2, Legendary Chest
101-500 Update-34-m-currency1,500, Concession Chests x2, Legendary Chest
501-1,000 Update-34-m-currency1,250, Concession Chest, Legendary Chest
1,001-2,500 Update-34-m-currency1,000, Concession Chests
2,501-5,000 Update-34-m-currency500, Concession Chests
5,001-7,500 Update-34-m-currency400
7,501-9,500 Update-34-m-currency400

You're Toast!

You're Toast! started on 17th June 2019 and ended on 19th June 2019, lasting 2 days.

Rank Rewards
1-150 Blue Scallop Fabric Token x2
151-450 Blue Scallop Fabric Token
451-2,400 M-magic500
2,401-3,000 M-magic200

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