Character Dialogue
C-ed Huhuhuh... HehehaHAAAhaha!
C-timon (Sssh! No sudden movements, all right? I'm tryin' to figure out how my primary predators operate, here!)
C-timon (Hyena prevention is a BIG DEAL in the meerkat community, okay? So if I'm gonna make a habit of fightin' these guys, then--)
C-timon (YIPE! Did he see me?! Be right back -- I gotta find a hole to hide in!)

You Gotta Laugh!

Character Requirements Time Rewards
Level 1
Send Ed to... be Ed.
"Be Ed"
8h M-xp5, M-magic50
Character Dialogue
C-ed BahahaHAA HAAAAhuhuheheh!
C-timon (All right... So on CLOSER examination -- from a farther-away hole in the ground -- it LOOKS like what hyenas do all day...)
C-timon ( run around in circles and make weird noises. And, for one VERY memorable half-hour, try to eat a rock.)
C-timon (Seriously -- my relatives have been scared of THESE idiots all this time? What were we even--)
C-timon (YIPE!!! That's right -- I forgot about the teeth!)
C-ed Bleheheheheh...


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