Character Dialogue
C-wendy darling Well I suppose there's nothing for it but to march straight up to that place and see what new stories I can find!
C-wendy darling It IS a shame that Michael and John aren't here with me... they've always been fond of pirate ships. Especially the flying sort!

You Heard It Here First

Character Requirements Time Rewards
C-wendy darling
Level 2
Send Wendy to find a story in Peter Pan's Flight. *
"Find a Story"
8h M-xp25, M-magic200

* Requires Peter Pan's Flight

Character Dialogue
C-wendy darling I can't believe it! It was simply wonderful!
C-wendy darling I certainly don't know how, but that place tells OUR story. It's all about when Peter and Tinker Bell took us to Never Land!
C-wendy darling John and Michael are there, and everyone we met on our adventure!
C-wendy darling Oh, I'm sure Peter will just love it. Of all the stories I've told him, he likes the ones about himself the best!
C-wendy darling I've tried to tell him stories of elves and dragons, but he says that's just imaginary folly.


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